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Lets Make A Deal! Dream Angels Style!

Angelica Flores Staff News

Here at Dream Angels we know how to have fun. This Friday we took off on a company field trip to Let's Make a Deal in celebration of a fellow team member's birthday. Dressed as a trio of cuckoo birds crazy for a deal, we took off to the studio! The excitement and relief of having a bright attention grabbing costume was all around us and all we had to worry about was that great deal we might be making with Wayne Brady.

Coming up with an idea for a costume is never easy but with some creative imagination, anyone can come up with a fantastic costume idea. After contemplating, debating, and finally coming up with your fantastic idea, the last thing you want to worry about is how are you going to put this costume together. We want you to feel the same relief and excitement as we did on the way to your special event. Whether its for a birthday, a tv show, or a costume party, we can help you achieve that special look.

Feather Headdress Feather Arm Piece Feather Arm Piece

We have a large selection of feather boas, earrings, purses, angel wings, and more. We are sure we have just that right thing for you. If you are looking for something a little more unique, contact us about it. Place a custom order and we can work together and turn your dream into reality.


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