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How Do I Steam Feathers?

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Our Customers Ask Us How Do I Steam My Feathers When They Arrive?

Please Remember Colored Boas are Not Colorfast

When your feather boas arrive shake them and remove any loose feathers.

Feathers naturally will clump together during shipping.

Next heat up a teakettle or use a garment steamer.

Hold the boa with a pair of tongs or chopsticks so you don’t burn your fingers.

First run you fingers through the feathers to loosen them from each other. 

Run the feather boa through the steam.

Don’t get them too wet.

This will plump up the feathers.

Then dry them in front of a fan or outside in the sun.

You can also hang feather boas in the bathroom when you are taking a shower.

This will plump them up as well.

If you are steaming ostrich feathers don’t get them too wet or they will become stringy looking.

Ostrich will loose their shape if they become damp and are impossible to revive.

Now Your Feather Boas will Look Plump and Refreshed!


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