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Here's To Another Happy Couple!

Patricia Lardy Umbrellas

Here's To The Happy Couple!

Buffy of Gris Gris Art is known for Her Special Umbrellas, They are A New Orleans Favorite and are used when dancing. Her Umbrellas are used to Celebrate Weddings, Funerals, Birthdays, Sporting Events and Any Time you want a Little Extra Fun in Your Life.

She will Custom Paint and Decorate Your Umbrellas in Your Choice of Style and Colors.

What Makes These Umbrellas Stand Out From the Rest are The Beautifully Full and Fluffy Feathers. The Full Feathers get So Many Compliments. Buffy has been purchasing her feathers for Many Many Years from Buffy keeps coming back because, the usual shaking and fluffing is already done.

Come See More of Her Wonderful Creations at

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