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Feather Shortage Predicted

Patricia Lardy angel wings no longer produced china closing feather factories china closing feather factories down discontinued feather boa shortage feather boas discontinued feather boas not available feather factories feather factories in China closing feather factories shuting down Feather shortage

We are being contacted a lot by our customers.

Why do you not have items we use to purchase?

Our Feather Companies have closed down in China.

Many Feather Companies are closing their doors.

We are currently closing out of all of our feather products.

Make sure you stock up on anything you need.

It doesn't matter who you purchase from, everyone is having problems getting quality feathers in.

With changes in China in the economy and also Toxic Regulations most Feather Factories have closed.

Angel Wings that were used on the Model Runways, Stage Productions and on TV and in the Movies can no longer be produced by us, due to the problem of getting quality feathers in.

We are sorry about the changes but we are seeing the shortage getting worse ever day.

A lot of Our Friends are closing their doors due to the shortage.

Stock up on whatever you need for future projects to make sure you have what you need.

We still have thousands of feather boas in stock and will be selling our products until they are all gone.

Thank you for your understanding!



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