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Closing Out Our Feathers

Patricia Lardy cheap feather boas cheap feathers discount feathers discount on feathers save 20% save on feathers wholesale feathers

Save 20% on Your Order! Enter Code "Special".

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Feather Shortage Predicted

Patricia Lardy angel wings no longer produced china closing feather factories china closing feather factories down discontinued feather boa shortage feather boas discontinued feather boas not available feather factories feather factories in China closing feather factories shuting down Feather shortage

We are being contacted a lot by our customers. Why do you not have items we use to purchase? Our Feather Companies have closed down in China. Many Feather Companies are closing their doors. We are currently closing out of all of our feather products. Make sure you stock up on anything you need. It doesn't matter who you purchase from, everyone is having problems getting quality feathers in. With changes in China in the economy and also Toxic Regulations most Feather Factories have closed. Angel Wings that were used on the Model Runways, Stage Productions and on TV and...

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How Do I Steam Feathers?

Patricia Lardy Feather Boas Feathers How Do I steam Feathers How to steam feathers Steam Feathers steaming feathers

Our Customers Ask Us How Do I Steam My Feathers When They Arrive?Please Remember Colored Boas are Not Colorfast When your feather boas arrive shake them and remove any loose feathers. Feathers naturally will clump together during shipping. Next heat up a teakettle or use a garment steamer. Hold the boa with a pair of tongs or chopsticks so you don’t burn your fingers. First run you fingers through the feathers to loosen them from each other.  Run the feather boa through the steam. Don’t get them too wet. This will plump up the feathers. Then dry them in front...

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Here's To Another Happy Couple!

Patricia Lardy Umbrellas

Buffy of Gris Gris Art is known for Her Special Umbrellas, They are A New Orleans Favorite and are used when dancing. Her Umbrellas are used to Celebrate Weddings, Funerals, Birthdays, Sporting Events and Any Time you want a Little Extra Fun in Your Life. She will Custom Paint and Decorate Your Umbrellas in Your Choice of Style and Colors. What Makes These Umbrellas Stand Out From the Rest are The Beautifully Full and Fluffy Feathers. The Full Feathers get So Many Compliments. Buffy has been purchasing her feathers for Many Many Years from Buffy keeps coming back because, the usual shaking...

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KMK Photography Studio - They Make Your Dream a Reality!

Angelica Flores Angel Dreams Angel Wings

KMK Photography Studio KMK Photography has been using our angel wings for nearly 10 years now, and just like us, they have making their customer's dreams turn into a reality. KMK usually uses our angel wings for infant and children photo sessions, but this year they received a special request from one of their clients. Angel's unique request was to incorporate angel wings for her High School Senior Photos. The results were truly stunning. [powr-image-slider id=5caf89f3_1465456645199]Check out their website at: Like what you see?Interested in getting your own pair of wings? Check out our large selection angel wings. We have a variety of...

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